"We will meet or        beat any deal"
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The Green Up Landscaping & Property Management Group

  The Green Up Group consists of several small companies that form a massive work force that rivals any other. We are all goal oriented and have many references. Our promise to our customers is to deliver only the best and most cost efficient solutions to your needs.

1UP Professional
Lawn Services
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Palm Coast landscaping.  We specialize in design and maintenance.  Our team takes pride in honest work and honest prices.  Tired of only satisfactory work being done?  Then call us.  We do a little extra to show our customers we care about the appearance of their establishment.

Design Works
  TA is located in Palm Coast, and has many creative and original landscape designs ranging from simple to exotic for your business or backyard.  They have immeasurable satisfaction with their previous and current clients. TA Design works is also unmatched in there ability to maintain any and every property.

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